SLES sodium lauryl ether sulfate, with the industrial name Texapon and the brand Paknapon, is a translucent white or yellowish paste with a mild odor. Texapon is an anionic surfactant and belongs to the family of alkyl ether sulfates. It is obtained by combining a fatty alcohol such as coconut oil with ethylene oxide and subsequent sulfonation.

Texapon is available in two forms: N70 and Snow-White Texapon. Snow-White Texapon is less pure than N70 and is used in the production of opaque detergent products such as shampoos. Texapon N70 is a high viscosity paste used in the production of vivid/clear detergents.

General specifications:

Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate


Technical Specifications



Physical State: viscose liquid
Mol Wt: 384
CAS No:68585-34-2
UN No: Not regulated as a hazardous material
Specific Gravity: 1.03 g/cm3
Chemical Properties Active Matter:70 -/ 2%
Sodium Chloride:0.5% max
1.5% : (Sodium Sulphate (as NaSO4
Dioxane: 50 max
7-9:(PH(20°C..5% solution
Transportation —————:EINECS
Storage: in cool and dry place away from sun rays
Packing: 220 Kg in drum