About Us


Paknam Manufacturing Company, formerly called “SNOW”, was established in the spring of 1962 by experienced detergent industry craftsman in an area of 4800 square meters in Sa’adat Abad of Tehran. Snow was as one of the first factories in the Middle East to produce washing detergent powder. A year later, the first product of this company was launched under the title of Toofan washing detergent powder.

Within ten years of its established, SNOW Company, by applying qualitative and quantitative changes in machinery and upgrading its manpower, was able to increase its annual production capacity of washing powder by 9 times in 1972 and reach 5,000 tons per year.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution and during the 1980s, the company’s engineers and employees, despite all the shortcomings and pressures caused by sanctions, were able to multiply the nominal capacity of the factory; produce up to 14,000 tons of washing powder per year.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the name of SNOW company was changed to Paknam, and at the beginning of the construction era in Iran, due to the growing need of the country for detergent products; The company aims to help Promote community health rate of iran, with the cooperation of experienced European engineers and using the latest technology in the world of washing powder production industry, its new factory with a nominal annual capacity of 120,000 tons on a land area of ​​22 hectare was Established in the Buin Zahra area near the city of Qazvin.

The construction project and installation of production machines, which were mainly supplied from Europe, lasted for about 5 years, and finally in the spring of 1995, i.e. 33 years after the start of the company, one of the most modern factories for the production of detergents and hygiene products entered the field. Was produced.

The new industrial complex of the company, in addition to having conventional production facilities and equipment and sufficient and suitable space to add new production lines; It also have large warehouses for basic and standard storage of raw materials and final products. Also, having modern laboratory facilities and experienced technical staff for continuous quality control of raw materials and final products; This Company is among the most reputable detergent companies in the country.

Currently, over 350 specialized and experimental personnel are employed in different units of the company.

Various products of the company, in addition to being offered in the domestic market under the brands of Top, Yekta, DAY, Aren, Ramis, Bamdad and ocean extra; It has been exported to different countries for many years and the names of Ramis, Yekta and DAY brands are familiar to many families in many markets in the region.

Honors, Awards and Accomplishments

Paknam Company accomplishments in different years are:

Industrial Exemplary Company selected by the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of Qazvin province in 2015, 2016 and 2017

Certificated of Quality management system (ISO 9001) in 2001

Certificated of environmental management system in 2003

Certificated of consumer rights protection in 2003, 2012 and 2013

Receiving honor statue for Qualitative exemplary unit of Qazvin province from the Standard and Industrial Research Organization of Iran in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016

Honored as Exemplary Exporters of the country’s detergent industry in 2012, 2015 and 2016

Mission statement

Design, production and presentation of sanitary and detergent products based on research and innovation through advanced technology, at reasonable prices and desirable quality in order to attract customers in domestic and international markets with the aim of ensuring public health, environmental protection, human dignity Protection and the interests of employees and honesty with stakeholders along with social responsibility for sustainable development.

Vision statement

Paknam Company is one of the top two companies in the Iranian detergent industry with access to advanced knowledge and technology, specialized and committed employees and environmental protection over a period of ten years.

Integrated policy statement

Paknam Company as one of the largest and most advanced manufacturers of sanitary and detergent products in Iran in order to provide quality products based on the principle of customer orientation, improving environmental performance and paying attention to safety, community and staff health, adopts the following policies:
1- Satisfying customers by understanding and focusing on their demands and producing products with quality and reasonable prices.
2- Maintaining and developing the share of domestic and international markets and its continuous increase with emphasis on quality and variety of products.
3- Maintaining and improving the quality level of human resources and creating a suitable work environment for expressing creativity and collective participation through the implementation of planned trainings.
4- Waste and energy management by optimizing processes and increasing human resource productivity.
5- Observance of environmental laws, requirements and commitment to preserve and prevent environmental pollution.
The company selects ISO 2015: 9001, 2008: 14001 ISO standards as a model for implementing an integrated management system and is committed to meeting their requirements, continuous improvement and improvement of the management system using the participation of employees and stakeholders.